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November 2023

Getting ready to savour some wine this upcoming Holiday Season? If you are, kindly remember to place your wine orders through Wine Kitz Brantford at least 5-6 weeks in advance to ensure timely delivery. We recommend placing your wine order by Saturday, November 11th. This will ensure you have your favourite wines ready to share and enjoy during the holiday festivities.

Cheers to a delightful holiday season!

November 2023

Original Series™

Discover Your All-Occasion Favorite with VineCo Original Series™ Wine Kits

For the wine enthusiasts seeking an all-around easy-drinking wine that complements any occasion, look no further than our best-selling choice: VineCo Original Series™. These wines are your trusty companions for life’s myriad special, and even not-so-special, events. Take a journey through the renowned wine-growing regions of the world and savour the genuine satisfaction of crafting your own outstanding wines. Whether it’s the allure of Italy or the flavours of Australia, prepare for a delicious adventure that awaits.

Key Details:

  • Completion Time: 4 Weeks
  • Approximate Yield: 23 Liters / 30 750ml bottles

With the Original Series™, your exceptional wine is ready to be bottled in just four weeks. Experience the convenience and the pleasure of crafting your very own stellar wines for every occasion. It’s time to make your wine moments even more memorable.

Quantities are available in-store now or can be ordered. For the vareties available, please visit the Original Series website or stop by to see what we have on hand. We would be happy to speak with you!

Place your pre-order by Nov 10, 2023 and we will reserve your vintage

Call or email to pre-order yours today. 
If you have any questions about the new 2024 Passport Series, just call or drop by the store. 
Orders should be received by 10 November 2023.

NEW: Wine Expert Limited Edition LE23 Series
Place your pre-order by Nov 10, 2023 and we will reserve your vintage

Call or email to pre-order yours today. 
If you have any questions about the new LE23 Series, just call or drop by the store. 
Orders should be received by 10 November 2023.

Nov. 7 – International Merlot Day

  • Merlot is often called the “gateway wine” because of its approachable and easy-drinking nature. Its milder tannins and smoother, fruit-forward flavors make it a popular choice for people who are new to red wine or are transitioning from white wines to reds. It’s a great starting point for those exploring the world of red wine, and it often paves the way for wine enthusiasts to appreciate bolder and more complex red varietals.

Nov. 12 – International Tempranillo Day

  • Tempranillo, native to Spain and Portugal, is known for its thick skin, which is rich in color and tannins. This thick skin not only gives the wine its deep color but also makes it particularly resistant to certain vineyard pests and diseases. The name “Tempranillo” is derived from the Spanish word “temprano,” which means “early.” This is a reference to the grape’s early ripening which, along with its thick skin, allows it to be harvested before any vineyard pests and diseases become problematic. So, in addition to producing delicious wines, Tempranillo is also quite resilient in the vineyard!

Nov 24 – International Carménère Day

  • Carménère is often referred to as the “Lost Grape of Bordeaux.” In the 18th century, Carménère was widely planted in the Bordeaux region however, when phylloxera, a grapevine pest, devastated European vineyards in the 19th century, many Carménère vines were thought to have been destroyed or replaced with other grape varieties.Surprisingly, it wasn’t until the 1990s that Carménère was rediscovered in Chile, where it had been mistakenly identified as Merlot for over a century. This rediscovery led to Carménère being considered a signature grape of Chile and key to the Chilean wine industry. Today, it is known for its unique and distinctive flavours, with notes of dark fruit and green pepper, making it a smooth red wine and a fascinating and important part of Chilean winemaking.
  • WIne Kitz Brantford has varieties of Merlot, Tempranillo, and Carménère available, from 4 week wine kits for everyday drinking to 8 week wine kits suitable for aging and special occasions. Contact us or drop by for more information on what’s in stock now, and what is available to order.  



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