Specials & Promos

Wines of the Month

Cellar Craft Showcase
Save $20.00

Old Vine Zinfandel
Pinot Gris
Save $15.00

Pinot Noir
Sauvignon Blanc,
Muller Thurgau
Traditional Vintage
Save $15.00
Pinot Noir
Sauvignon Blanc
European Select
Save $12.00

Pinot Noir
Cabernet Sauvignon
Sauvignon Blanc
Niagara Mist
Save $12.00

Tropical Fruit
Blue Pom

Après Sale

Save $15.00 on all Après dessert wines.

Bring In Your Used Corks

To support kids summer camps, we are collecting used corks. If you have any used corks please bring them to store.

*Available Now* Legacy Moscato

Full of playful, sweet, floral aromas, this wine boasts flavours of ripe peach and tropical citrus. Enjoy a glass with spicy Thai and curry dishes.

Fundraising Event

Click Here for more details on how to receive 10% back to your organization.

Looking for fundraising opportunity? Wine Kitz Brantford is pleased to support local community fundraising efforts.
Here are a couple possible ways Wine Kitz Brantford can partner with your organization to help you raise money.

  1. Your organization sends your members, friends, and family to make a batch of wine, Wine Kitz Brantford will donate 10% of their sale (minus sales tax) back to you.
  2. Fundraising Event! – We’ll designate one evening to throw a party for your group and give you 15% of the sales generated during the party.

If you have any other ideas or interested in partnership with Wine Kitz Brantford, please email us at info@winekitzbrantford.com or call 519-750-0861 for more information.

Bottling Day Special

Wine Kitz Brantford customers who start new wines on the same day you bottle a wine receive:

  • $10.00 off if you start 1 batch of wine
  • $25.00 off if you start 2 batches of wine
  • $40.00 off if you start 3 batches of wine

Refer a Friend or Family Member

At Wine Kitz Brantford, we like to thank our customers as much as possible, and one way we like to do that is with our Refer a Friend or Family Program! If you introduce someone to our store to make their first batch of wine with us, both you AND your friend/family will receive a special discount. When your friend comes in, we will give them a 15% discount off the kit price of their first purchase. As thanks to our already existing customer for helping expand our business, they will receive a 20% discount off the kit price on their next purchase!

New Customers

Our knowledgeable staffs are always happy to talk with you about our wines, the wine-making process and the bottling experience. If you have a question about consumer wine making that we don’t know the answer to, we’ll find it out.
On your first visit with us, NEW CUSTOMERS making wine in store always receive 15% off each kit and New home wine-making customers receive 10% off each kit they purchase during their first visit with us. And our 100% HASSLE FREE Satisfaction Guarantee always ensures you will never be disappointed.

Wine Seminar

Do you belong to a service club, a Church group or any other organization? If you are looking for an interesting program for your group, we offer a wine seminar in the evenings at Wine Kitz Brantford. We will give a short presentation on how to make wine from start to finish and give you the inside track on what happens to your wine kit from the time you start it until the time you come to bottle it. If your group members are interested in making a batch or take a wine kit home, we will give 15% off on kit purchased during the seminar. If you are interested in booking an evening, please email us info@winekitzbrantford.com or call 519-750-0861 at the store.

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