Why Wine Kitz Brantford?

Experience the Joy of Winemaking, Created by You!

Here at Wine Kitz Brantford we are passionate about two things: our wine, and our customers.
We take pride in what we do and love doing it!
We encourage you to come in and experience our excellent service and exceptional wines first-hand!

Winemaking is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Start your wine. 2. Time & Patience. 3. Bottle and label your wine.

It’s Hassle Free!

Our 100% No HASSLE Satisfaction Guarantee takes all worry out of in-store wine making

It’s Cost-Effective!

It’s not about price – it’s about value. Craft your own fabulous vintage wines for a fraction of the cost but with all of the great taste and quality. Make entertaining guests more affordable by keeping a wide selection of great wines on hand that will pair well with any type of meal you serve. Wine Kitz Brantford wines taste just as good – often even better – as some of your favourite wine brands. We work closely with our customers to help them select the perfect wine for their tastes and/or occasions. Our friendly and attentive staff, modern equipment and ambient surroundings ensure every customer experience is relaxing and memorable.

We have a wide collection of wine selection!

With over 100 different varieties and award-winning wines to choose from, Wine Kitz has a wine for every taste and every occasion.

We have the highest industry Quality Standards!

Wine Kitz wines come from the finest ingredients and are made to the highest industry standards.

Winemaking is fun and social!

It is a stress-free pastime that is unique in experience. The process of winemaking provides friends and couples with the opportunity to spend quality time together! Why not catch up and make great wine at the same time?

It’s Convenient!

By crafting your own wine and keeping a stocked cellar, you will always have bottles on hand to save you trips to your local liquor store.

Like food, there are wines for every event in your life. Let Wine Kitz Brantford help you enjoy them.

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