December 2023 Review: Carménère (Red) Chile

Winexpert Reserve Carménère (Red) Chile

Embark on a Journey: WineExpert Reserve Carménère, Chile

Delve into the richness of Chilean winemaking with Winexpert Reserve Carménère, an exquisite creation from the heart of the Casablanca Valley. This 6-week wine kit gem unveils the resilience of a grape that was once thought extinct.

A Historic Rediscovery:
Carménère, once the “lost grape of Bordeaux,” found a haven in Chile in the 1800s and miraculously avoided extinction. Mistaken for Merlot until the 1990s, it now thrives in Chile, serving as the backbone of the country’s wine industry.

Tasting Notes:

  • Fruity Elegance: Opening a bottle reveals a symphony of flavors – subtly fruity with hints of raspberry, plum, and a touch of vanilla. Each sip unfolds a unique journey.
  • Smooth Evolution: With each pour, the Carménère evolves, growing smoother. Its ability to develop and reveal new layers showcases the craftsmanship of WineExpert’s Reserve kit.

Food Pairings:
Pair this Carménère with hearty and flavorful dishes. It harmonizes beautifully with grilled meats, especially Chilean specialties like lamb or beef empanadas. Try it with rich, aged cheese to enhance its velvety texture and nuanced flavors.

Aging Potential:
Believing in its aging potential, we recommend cellaring a few bottles to witness the wine’s evolution over a few months. While delightful right away, Carménère gains complexity over time, rewarding patience. It’s a wine that will taste quite different over the course of an evening – I would suggest decanting this wine.

Casablanca Valley Influence:
Having explored the Casablanca Valley’s wineries in 2022, I appreciate the unique terroir shaping this Carménère. The valley’s cool climate and oceanic influence contribute to the robustness of the grape, and adds to the wine’s balance, elegance, and vibrant fruit expression.

A Toast to Chilean Resilience:
In each glass of Winexpert Reserve Carménère, raise a toast to the resilience of a grape that defied extinction. This wine celebrates history, craftsmanship, and the enduring spirit of Carménère.

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*Note: This wine review is based on personal experiences and preferences. Individual tastes may vary.*

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