November 2023 Review: Malbec

Vineco Original Series: Malbec (Red) Chile

Enjoying the Robust Charm of Chilean Malbec

In November, we bottled a 4-week wine kit from Vineco’s Original Series and have just opened a bottle, and what a delight this is! This Chilean Malbec is a wine with strong character as bold as the Andes! This wine is full-bodied and comes with lots of tannins, giving a hearty and thick mouthfeel when you sample it. In a nutshell, this bold wine is great with hearty winter foods and is a great wine for sipping around the fire in the winter months. If you are a fan of red wines, this one will not disappoint you!

The Grape: Malbec from Chile

  • Flavour Elements: This Chilean Malbec is a true testament to the grape’s prowess. It features prominent notes of blackberry and black cherry, making it a bit fruit-forward at first. You’ll also detect hints of oak, which contribute to its complexity.
  • Full-Bodied and Dry: This wine doesn’t hold back. It’s unabashedly full-bodied and dry, appealing to those who appreciate wines with substance and depth. The medium oak presence adds an interesting layer of flavor that elevates the overall experience.
  • Rich and Full Mouthfeel: One of the first things you’ll notice is the thickness and full mouthfeel of this Malbec. It’s a characteristic often associated with the grape’s heavy tannins, which add to the wine’s full body. It’s a wine that makes its presence known.

A Symphony of Tannins:

  • Heavy Tannins: The wine’s full body and thick mouthfeel are in part thanks to the heavy tannins. These tannins are the backbone of the wine, contributing to its structure and its aging potential. It’s a wine that’s meant to be savored and enjoyed over time. Aging the wine – and decanting – will allow the wine to breathe and mellow somewhat.

Exploring the Chilean Terroir:

  • Chilean Terroir: This Malbec beautifully reflects the unique terroir of Chile, where the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean influence the wine’s character. It’s a testament to the country’s commitment to producing top-quality grapes used in this wine kit.

Pairing with Hearty Fare:

  • Food Pairings: This Chilean Malbec is a fantastic match for hearty dishes like grilled steaks, roast lamb, or rich stews. Its boldness and depth complement the savory flavors of these meals.

Winter’s Best Companion:

  • Perfect for Fireside Enjoyment: Not only is this Malbec an excellent choice with meals, but it’s also the perfect wine to enjoy by the fire on a cold winter night. Its robust character and warming presence make it a cozy and comforting choice when the temperatures drop.

In our tasting, we found this Chilean Malbec to be a bold and flavorful choice, perfect for the red wine enthusiast and those who love their wines rich and full-bodied. Its distinctive combination of fruit, oak, and tannins makes it an intriguing wine to pair with hearty dishes or simply to savor on a chilly evening.

As with all wines, personal preferences vary, so explore and see where this Malbec takes your taste buds. Cheers to the captivating world of Chilean Malbec, a wine that’s sure to leave an impression! 🍷🇨🇱

If you are interested in this Original Series Malbec from Chile, or perhaps there are other wines that you are curious about, just drop by or email us. We’d be happy to help you make a choice that’s right for you.

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