What are we drinking?

At WineKitz, we’re all about savoring the world of wine. That’s why we’re popping open wine kits of various brands and varietals, uncorking new experiences, and then sharing our thoughts with you.

Our goal? To help you discover exciting varietals and navigate the vast wine landscape. Each month, our team will be uncorking, tasting, and evaluating wines created at Wine Kitz Brantford. But remember, wine tasting is a personal journey, and everyone’s palate is unique. What delights one person may differ from another’s preferences.

In our reviews, we’ll candidly share what we love (or don’t) about the wines, how they pair with different foods, and how they stack up against other varietals.

We hope these reviews serve as a compass in your wine explorations, shedding light on those intriguing varietals you’ve been curious about but haven’t yet had the pleasure of uncorking. Don’t hesitate to drop by or send us an email if you have any questions about the wines we are reviewing, or wines you are curious about! We’d be happy to help!

Cheers to the joy of discovering new wines, one glass at a time!

December 2023

WineExpert Private Reserve: Sauvignon Blanc (White) Adelaide Hills, Australia

WineExpert Reserve Series: Carménère (Red) Chile

Vineco Original Series: Viognier (White) California

November 2023

Vineco Original Series: Sangiovese (Red) Italy

Vineco Original Series: Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre (Red) Australia

Vineco Original Series: Malbec (Red) Chile

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